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Everything About KEPServerEX

KEPServerEX is the industry leader of connection solutions that offer a single-source for automating data for all tech applications. It provides users with the capabilities of connecting, managing, monitoring, and regulating different automation software and devices. That is made possible through the provision of a single in-built graphical user interface. It is developed to address all the client’s challenges through a user-friendly interface, convenience, efficiency and exceptional performance.

When to Use

You can use KEPServerEX for all manufacturing processes. That is, from the first industrial stage, IT, boardrooms and other departments. You will have to link all the software and applications needed for an efficient flow of information and data. The good thing about it is that you can create channels among different hardware, even in cases where the language and manufacturers are different. Therefore, when you need data conditioning and reduction, load balancing, programmatic changes, improved communication, and machine-to-machine linking, then you can use KEPServerEX.

Users of KEPServerEX

The ideal users are industrial organisations that need data automation for all their devices and software. They include manufacturers, construction automation, electricity, oil, gas, and more sectors.

Compatibility Features

KEPServerEX is compatible with different systems in the IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data Analytics, Flow Quantity Export for oil and gas, and client applications. Users get unlimited access since the app supports various products. They include Open Platform Communications (OPC), Exporters, IT, Cloud and Automation interfaces.

Security Features

The good thing about KEPServerEX is that it comes with an installed tool known as User Manager. It gives admin the authorisation to create, maintain, and close accounts. The admin determines which users have rights to access diverse projects and tasks in different organisational management levels. That is achieved through the creation of particular tags for specific projects to limit unauthorised access. Other features, such as the creation of secure data channels enhance the addition of data authentication and encryption from the sender to receiver. Therefore, your data remains secure without security breaches with KEPServerEX.


How Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Improves Efficiency

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become one of the most important measurements of performance for large companies that value the efficiency of their production processes. The benefits of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) as a KPI are now well known in many industries. Gaining an edge in business requires strategy and risk-taking. OEE is a valuable tool for taking the guesswork out of improvements in efficiency. The ultimate result is an increased quality of a product or a manufacturing process.

OEE allows businesses to monitor and improve their performance of production processes (machines, cells. lines and plants) This powerful measurement takes the available time for production and subtracts time for planned stops, such as breaks, lunches and planned maintenance from it. The remaining time is called planned production time and requires losses of efficiency to be subtracted; this becomes the target of improvement. The losses include downtime losses, performance losses and quality losses. OEE calculations are based on three factors, including availability, performance, and quality. There are variations in the way OEE is calculated to meet the needs of the company.

OEE is an important part of improving efficiency but is not the only important company performance measurement tool. For example, the use of OEE may improve availability (downtime, changes of shifts etc.) but may see a decrease in quality. In this case, a higher OEE may not be the best indicator.

OEE is an important indicator that should be considered by most companies looking for a KPI that will measure production efficiency. The formula for OEE is flexible and can be adapted to the special requirements of each company. OEE is not the only answer for improving quality and should be considered in light of quality indicators. Using OEE as an indicator will result in easier and more balanced results that can be considered by people as responsible for improving the overall performance, quality, efficiency, and quality within a company.


Advantages of professional IT

As an IT professional, it is important to focus on certain areas – which can include: Networking/Programming/Graphics/Video Game marketplace/Remote Support/Security – well, basically all of the mentioned fields. When speaking about the stability and the integration – we need to divide the goal into many separate goals, including:

  • Our plan
  • Our staff
  • Software
  • Our goal

So, let`s cover all of the topics that we have mentioned. Now, currently – the Artificial intelligence is the most interesting software that we might choose to incorporate into our line of work. The first thing to consider is – of course, the security – it`s advantages and disadvantages. The platform that is going to be created needs to be tested over and over again. It has to have all of the necessary components that will make it compatible with current A.I., smart and cloud networking systems.

The marketplace

Now, it is the era of development, smart devices and things that make our lives easier. The IT infrastructure needs to have a stable optical cables that will ensure that the information can travel really fast. We can use the systems in other Companies, such as servers or cloud computing, to ensure that we always have enough resources for our primary line of work. The software should be tested with applications or users that can debug and leave a report of possible errors in the code itself. There should be two types – if not even four types of compatible software that works on Windows/IOS/GNU + cell phone devices. It should include an option for a remote access and a strong security updates + a stable piracy protection – that can constantly be checked online and ensure profits. When integrating A.I. we have to limit it to certain commands – that can stop it from creating a mess in the app that is being made – ergo, being used by other potential clients.


In this new era of future, we should focus on this field, as the marketplace is constantly evolving, and it can always become bigger, more stable and offer more options to the end user.


Integration of Organizational Skills

Many businesses out there have started a job in which they were unable to dedicate a sufficient amount of time for the plan to succeed. For example, situations in which certain users were unable to obtain the right product, plan the business correctly, in terms of investments, and of course, lose a lot of unsatisfied customers in the process.

Start-up Companies and their Flaws

During our lifetimes, we have probably experienced many situations in which our own businesses needed to acquire a certain product that would, for instance, help it grow. Let’s use a warehouse, for example. This warehouse had too many items required by hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide, perhaps even worldwide. Many businesses that were contacted didn’t even have a working website, which was the first mistake that forced the owner, or the end user, to lose a lot of time and money on ads, and software within IT has exactly that to offer.

Time Management, Sales and Schedule

Let’s give a good example of successful companies that have integrated IT automation software into their own businesses or websites. The passion that was used created a stable and productive environment, in which the users/workers/management were able to further develop their own creativity and originality, as well as manage their time more effectively.

Space for Creativity

Products were organized with certain serial numbers, which at the very beginning, saved a lot of time for the clients that had to get what they needed quickly. Certain warehouses used software to ensure a stable business, by creating an organizational system, in which they were able to predict which items were being sold and, of course, in what quantities. These particular organizations saved millions and millions of dollars for their businesses, and their staff and advertising team were able to work in a more stable manner, which brought about even more customers.