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We cover the latest news and trends within IT software, automation and industrial IT

Our main areas

News covering

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In order to cover the latest news within the huge, fast growing field of information technology, we need to scann the internet on a daily basis. The reason for our success within this field, is primarily because of our hiring- policy which focuses on the top journalists globally.

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The key to always deliver top quality within software product coverage, is to constantly keep one eye on digital products releases. eBooks, images, music, videos & courses are some examples of successful product categories during 2018.

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Leading Companies

It would be a misconduct not to closely follow the leading digital companies and their products. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are, just to name a few, some of our greatest companies today.

Keys To Success

What defines the best IT Software?

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Logistics & Technology

Your software needs to unite the best user experience with latest technology.

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Both a social network and a strong technical network are key ingridients.

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Mobile Usability

Without TopNotch usability within mobile, your software just simply won't fly.

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Financial Power

Well, let's face it. In order to approach this huge market - you're gonna need money.

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12 October, 2018 No Comments

How Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Improves Efficiency

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become one of the most important measurements of performance for large companies that value the efficiency of their production processes. The benefits of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) as a KPI are now well known in many industries. Gaining an edge in business requires strategy and risk-taking. OEE is a valuable […]

10 October, 2018 No Comments

Advantages of professional IT

As an IT professional, it is important to focus on certain areas – which can include: Networking/Programming/Graphics/Video Game marketplace/Remote Support/Security – well, basically all of the mentioned fields. When speaking about the stability and the integration – we need to divide the goal into many separate goals, including: Our plan Our staff Software Our goal […]

10 October, 2018 No Comments

Integration of Organizational Skills

Many businesses out there have started a job in which they were unable to dedicate a sufficient amount of time for the plan to succeed. For example, situations in which certain users were unable to obtain the right product, plan the business correctly, in terms of investments, and of course, lose a lot of unsatisfied […]